Chasin' the Rut and Turkey Reapers are made up of a group of avid Midwest hunters who love the outdoors and thrill of chasing white tails and long beards along with occasional big game hunts out West.

The thrill of the hunt is made even greater for us when we introduce youth to the outdoors with fishing, camping and hunting. This is one of the most important aspects of Chasin’ the Rut and Turkey Reapers — to get more youth involved in the outdoors. Without new blood, the outdoor industry won’t survive. That’s why we put so much emphasis on kids. If there’s ever a young person who wants to experience the outdoors, we help make their dream a reality.

In 2009, we started The Rut - a DVD series. Two years later, we changed our name to Chasin’ the Rut since it better describes all the types of hunting we do. Nearly 10 years ago, we started reaping turkey and in 2010, Turkey Reapers was copywriter and trademarked.

At Chasin’ the Rut and Turkey Reapers, we take hunting to a whole new level, bringing you amazing footage like you've never seen before. Check out our webisodes, DVDs and apparel at and good luck to everybody in all your adventures!

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